1.      What is the average cost of living in Chennai as a student?

As a student, one is advised to budget approximately Rs.3500 – Rs.5000 per month towards cost of accommodation, living, costs, travel etc.

 2.      Is there any scholarship available?

The School does not have a formal scholarship policy. However, in exceptional circumstances the School at its discretion may grant a partial tuition waiver for deserving students.

 3.      Is the Charles Sturt University Degree recognised?

 Charles Sturt University was established under an act of parliament, which embodies official recognition of its degrees. CSU is a member of the Australian Vice Chancellor’s Committee (AVCC) and the Association of Commonwealth Universities, similar to leading British & Indian Universities and organisations through out the world. CSU degrees are also recognised by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

 4.      Who awards my final degree?

 The Charles Sturt University (Australia) awards the final degree for all the Bachelors and Masters degrees.

 5.      Are student visas difficult to obtain for credit transfer?

No. if you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of study and living expenses and if you are able to demonstrate your bonafide student credentials, you should have no difficulty in obtaining a student visa for your credit transfer.

 6.      Can I give the fee deposit draft to the Madras School of Management Science?

Normally students are required to pay a deposit prior to enrolment. Your offer letter will mention the details as regards the payment of this deposit. Fee deposits should always be paid by way of Bankers draft or cheque favouring ‘MADRAS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE’. The pound payments with respect to the distance learning, exam registration fee, etc., should be made in the form of a Banker’s draft favouring ‘THE LONDON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE’, which is the University’s U.K. distance learning centre that is responsible for this programme.


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