Student’s Life at MSMS

Madras School of Management Science, in an attempt to make student’s life an enjoyable and memorable experience, offers a package of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as listed below:

              Workshops and Guest Lectures

To enable student to apply the concepts they learn during the course, in real-life scenarios, workshops are conducted regularly. In order to feel the pulse of the various industries, guest lectures are arranged for the students. To ensure that effective learning and participation takes place, attendance to workshops and guest lectures are made a part of the curriculum. These workshops and guest lectures expose the students to the general conduct of the industry and the current trends prevailing there. Students are thus aware of the industry expectations and standards, and are geared to match them. 

At Pravaham near Vellore (Tamil Nadu), where the students attended one week workshop
Designing Sic Tempora

Creative minds need to be given a chance to express their thoughts. To ensure that our students are using their creative talents to the best of their ability, the students of MSMS are in charge of the release of the student newsletter titled, “Sic Temporaâ€